Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays, Husbands, & Cats

Monday is the perfect day to start a blog. Its the type of day that I resolve to go to the gym, to list multiple Etsy items, to eat healthy... It's January 1 all over again... So, here goes... I'm starting a blog for my t-shirt quilt & vinyl art business. Blogs make me nervous - insecure about my ramblings, & what the "cool" people think... Its like high school all over again!

I've been down & out with a cold, and the Lord blessed me with 7 new Etsy vinyl orders 2 weeks ago. But in the excitement over successful marketing, I panicked because I could barely get out of bed. Would you believe that my sweet, sweet husband jumped in & became my Vinyl Art partner??? I hadn't even thought to ask him for help, but once he offered, I realized how indispensible he is now. He is the master of preparing the completed vinyl for application & shipping. I am SO thankful! The best part is that I feel like he's involved in my creative ventures, and it is so fun to see him excited about something I've started. What great affirmation!

What's more is that Mr. French, our beloved tuxedo cat, has also taken part in our vinyl creations. I love this picture of him as he sits next to such apt scripture! How cute is this?!?!?

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