Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Madness...

Hello blog world,

It's already nearly the end of July - where is the time going???

We finally posted photos of the completed "Phish" T-shirt quilt. This quilt is fabulous & HUGE!!! I have put more photos on my facebook page & our website, but here's a sneak peek:

The hubby & I just got back from our only beach vacation of the year, where we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday with her entire group of 7 kids & over a dozen grandkids. I worked my hiney off to create a Shutterfly photobook with photos of her over the years with my Grandpa who passed away 13 years ago. And the majority of the family submitted their favorite photos & personal letters to Grandma. I also contacted her nieces & nephews, with whom she has always kept close contact. 2 of them showed up to the beach weekend as a surprise for her, which was my favorite part of the weekend. She chastized me for planning so many surprises for an 80 year old woman. I told her that I know how strong she is & that I knew she could handle it :)

I am so proud of the photo book, and so thankful for the contribution from my family! Here's a link to the photo book:

Click here to view this photo book.

And here are a few photos of the weekend:

Now that I'm back home, I'm working on vinyl orders non-stop. I don't know how these vinyl orders have kept rolling in, except that the Lord is taking care of me! I've had 10-12 orders in the past couple of days and several more on the way - Thank you Lord!!

Mom & I are finishing a t-shirt quilt this week (crossing fingers...) for a friend's daughter. It is made with her high school, college, camps, etc. shirts. We love the story about a couple of the T-shirts that her mom told us. Apparently Natalie was a HUGE Chipper Jones (of the Atlanta Braves) fan back in her elementary/middle-school years, and one of her teachers even called her "Mrs. Jones." So there are a couple of Chipper's shirts on the quilt to commemorate her celebrity crush.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to pass along a blog giveaway that is absolutely worth checking out!!! Here's the link to Abbey Lane's Quilts' blog. Enjoy! :)

Thanks for reading my long update!