Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bird Poo

I came home from work yesterday, and noticed that my house was all disheveled. It looked like Mr. French (our cat) had gone wild playing & tearing around the house. Except that Mr. French doesn't do that. He usually sleeps during the day & terrorizes us at night. So I straightened a few things & started to walk upstairs, when out of nowhere, a BIRD swoops around my head. I run screaming upstairs, not realizing that my cell phone is downstairs with the BIRD.

So, I run back downstairs to grab the phone, and run outside into the 2 inches of snow to call my husband. I urged him to come home quickly because a bird has been in our house all day. I hadn't even surveyed the rest of the house yet, but saw that our big leafy decor was dropped 6 feet off of our alcove, and the kitchen table was crapped on...

I took Mr. French into the office with me where I frantically wrote on Facebook about my situation (because that's what we do now, right??), and waited for the hubby to come save me. It then occurred to me that I should get a couple of photos in case no one believed me... So here is the 1st one I got:

But then, as I'm hiding in the office with my cat, I start hearing this familiar clinking noise out in the kitchen. It sounds just like Mr. French when he's eating his dry food for breakfast... Hmm... So I go peek, and sure enough, the bird is eating my cat's food!!

So here's a photo of that... (and yes, that's bird poop over to the left of the bird...)

Thankfully, this bird was kind enough to only poop on my wood & tile floors, counters, alcove, kitchen table, television, and heaven knows where else... He left the carpet & couches unscathed...
The best news is that the door to my craft room/office/etsy staging area was closed during the entire debacle!!
So here's to a whole night of cleaning bird crap in my house!


  1. Oh My Heck! How funny..but have you figured out how he got in?

  2. he must've been hiding in the garage to stay warm while we were leaving in the morning, and Mr. French must've chased him through the kitty door that's in our garage... I don't know!!!