Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well. I knew that my blogging would be sporadic, but I've gone 5 weeks!

But in these 5 weeks, we have made a FABULOUS quilt (photos to come very soon) & received 2 more quilt orders. So, there are no complaints here...

On another note, my sweet hubby is going to be working out of town the next three months. I'm sad to not have him at home every night, but so excited to get caught up on all of the projects that I have neglected. I probably have way too many plans for the time that he'll be gone, but it will give me something to do instead of wallowing in loneliness. Thankfully Mr. French, my precious cat, will surely keep me company.

Back to this fabulous quilt... So, did I mention that we are now offering designer fabric to back our T-shirt quilts?!?! The fabulous quilt is our first with the designer fabric on the back, and the difference is stunning. Not only is this girl receiving a quilt full of memories ( for graduation), but the other side is a fabric that would make anyone fall in love with sewing.
Check out these palettes by Amy Butler:

I'm seriously thinking about making myself a duvet with Amy Butler fabric... My hubby will love to hear that. Have I shared that Kevin & I are on a journey toward debt freedom?? So the duvet will have to wait...
Am I the only one who has 100 projects started in my mind, yet left untouched in my craft room?? That trip I took in March with my girlfriends - you know the one with the amazing fabric? I've made 1 pillow, and the rest of the fabric is in a pretty pile on the floor. I even bought a pattern for valences to hang in the living room. Hmm... It would be so nice if I could have 3 months to myself... oh wait...
I really will miss him.

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