Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Good Monday morning! My hubby & I had a very productive weekend. We cleaned the entire house top to bottom by 11:30 am on Saturday - what a fantastic feeling! While I attacked the ironing mountain, the hubs did the March budget & made our bi-weekly grocery list & dinner menu (my least favorite thing in the world!).

I really enjoyed doing the ironing because I watched a couple of Turner Classic Movies that I've stored up on my DVR. Can you believe that I'd never seen Splendor in the Grass until this weekend?? Wow, what a fabulous movie. Natalie Wood, Warren Beaty... yum! I also watched the Cary Grant/Irene Dunn 1937 film The Awful Truth, which was a really cute romantic comedy, and I enjoyed watching a young Cary Grant.

After our grocery trip, I spent some time on my vinyl art font options, which was something I've been putting off. I increased my "signature" font options to 38 from 25, and I think the photo on my etsy listing is a bit more legible.

Here it is:

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